The Plague

You know… the problem with saying “Plague” nowadays is you have to clarify which plague we are talking about.

Is it the Virus? Or the disinformation surrounding it? Or is it about the supposedly stolen Election nonsense (If even his bag-man said it was a clean election, you gotta wonder) helping to drive everything crazy?

I’m going to stick with the virus for now… COVID19 is a Real Thing(tm) and its unpredictability in how it affects humans should be a item of concern for EVERYONE.

But it has a high survival rate, you say…. Yep. With medical treatment and being one of the lucky ones to potentially not get it in a bad way, it does have a super high survival rate. The after-effects though… can be worse than having it.

I know for me, I had it and have suffered a number of issues since. One of which is a more than normal fatigue level. Its like everyday I’ve been up for twenty four hours…. and I could just be getting up from an normal night’s rest. Its insane… For a friend, joint aches are magnified. Another friend… has breathing issues that he’s fighting back against hard (he used to run half-marathons all the time) and his goal is to get back to his old fitness level pre-bug. He’s halfway there.

It amazes me that so many folks just don’t take this virus serious enough. Or that learned and reasonably intelligent individuals buy into the insane assertions or crack pot cures-that-aren’t, thinking folks with zero or questionable at best knowledge know more than the collective whole of the medical community on this.

That angry part of me hopes these folks get to experience this virus first hand… and the part of me that gives a damn about people hopes they don’t have to experience it in their lives or experience losing a loved one to it.

Statistics are impersonal. Statistics can be taken out of context and used/misused to further agendas. Part of life there, I guess. All those people who want to work cross purpose to the common good- some for nefarious reasons- are part of the price of a reasonably free society. Call it an undocumented feature- for that’s what it is.

But for me, who has been on the front lines of this from the start… and has also survived having the virus… all those people who are working cross purpose to the common good need a reality check- applied with a baseball bat, preferably. But however they get it, they absolutely need that reality check.

And unfortunately, that reality check could cause some really sick folks… to not get timely assistance. Or have resources available when its a critical time.

It’s happened elsewhere in the world. And its happening now in some places in the US.

There is going to be more death here than needs to be. And fingers are going to be pointed in lots of directions. In my view, I know where the fingers need to be pointed. And I hope they get what they deserve and that they don’t take innocent lives when just deserts show the fuck up.

My two cents.

Author: John T

Warrior-Sage and full time healer. Gamer and Arm Chair Analyst (who isn't these days?) who isn't afraid to read up on what I don't know.

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