Legends and Myths Eighty One- The Storm: Suzail and the mail…

City-Walk Time Share complex

Port City of Suzail Harbor district Southeastern Cromwell

0551 Hours 09 December 3080

 Trinity entered the small apartment in the time share she had gotten years ago. It was a thing she had gotten on a lark, the harbor area of Suzail being something of a tourist draw with its restaurants and shops along with a pair of museums. With the invasion, these places would likely be empty as anyone not in the militia would be home prepping to run if need be. It was kept stocked with some stuff, a long term agreement for dry goods to be resupplied had been made when she got it. She had figured then that if she was using it, she’d likely not be in the mood to be shopping for much. And considering why she was now here, that forethought was smart.

 On the way down, she had managed to acquire an older sedan at a rest area south of Hilp.  The previous owner of the sedan and its contents had been a member of the Centarus Militia, on his way north to his unit. He was obviously running late, which worked in her favor. Trin ambushed him as he was exiting the rest room with a fire extinguisher over the head and had dragged him into a utility closet after tying him up. She was pretty sure he’d be found eventually- he had still been breathing when she left with his car…

 A car she eventually ditched in a car park outside of the city and as a result, hoofed it across town to here.  After getting to the complex, she made a point to observe the area for a good half hour to see if there was any abnormal security presence before heading to her time share. Not for the first time, she silently was glad for how digital everything was for accessing places.  Either through apps or via keycode.  This place was via keycode as not everyone wanted to have electronic leashes like smart coms and the like with them.  Tablets were usually the other option but considering she’d not had one in over a year…. She was simply glad she remembered the code.

After relocking the door, the now-brunette woman made a point to clear the apartment before even remotely relaxing. The ride down had been stressful, and she had managed to find a station on the radio that had something approaching updated news.  And what she had heard was both good and not good…

 As far as the public news was concerned, the local space lanes were completely secure as the Blakist fleet had been defeated for the most part. A chunk of them had managed to land forces in places on the more populated places on planet and one had dropped on the sparsely populated side of the world. The news program had mentioned Auburn Command had no comment on the turncoat units on planet other than they were units under the employ of the Word of Blake.  That so many had managed to get on world had to be a vexing thing for her uncle.  There would be a reckoning for the vetting teams when this was over, she was sure.  And she was glad it wasn’t her.

 Trinity had enough trouble of her own with being an escapee.  The package she sent her father should be reaching him by today maybe or tomorrow most likely.  Having all that intel might mitigate some anger at her for running; while her father held grudges, she was still his daughter.  Family was of huge importance to him… which could buy her a reprieve, if caught.

 She had no illusions she would get caught eventually- as much as she ridiculed Planetary Security, they were capable… and they would have incentive to be better than they were because of the invasion. But with an invasion using all resources to fight, as long as she wasn’t stupid, she would manage to evade being caught.  And she was by far not stupid.

  Searching through some of the drawers in the space, she noted nothing seemed to be amiss. Good, she thought. Dry goods are fine, some of the canned stuff is still within dates… just need some milk. Closing up the pantry, Trinity then went into the far closet and after grabbing a step ladder, reached up to a corner above the door and grabbed a small pull ring that was there. With a tug, she popped open the panel then reached inside to grab a small box.  Stepping down with the box, she took it to a table and opened it up. Contained within was several stacks of planetary currency and two credit chits.

  Looking at the names on the chits when she removed them, she noted the one name was compromised and replaced it in the box. The other was, to her knowledge, still clean and she pocketed that. Two sets of identity papers were also in the box, and she took the set that matched the credit chit she pocketed.  Taking a pack of the currency, she replaced the lid on the box and then returned it to the hiding place in the closet.

  With a deep breath, Trinity settled her nerves and moved into the bedroom with her pack. Setting the pack on the ground next to the low bed, she sat on the bed and after kicking off shoes, attempted to relax.  A few hours of sleep were needed before she attempted to check on passage to one of the offshore islands where she knew she could disappear for a good while.  She had money and her wits… that would be good enough for now.

 What she didn’t have was allies anymore.  By leaving the path set out for her by her WoB contact, she had successfully blown that potential link.  When she didn’t arrive in the occupied areas, that charge on the bike was gonna blow, she was sure… and there would be investigations by Security.  With any luck, the package she sent her father would add to the chaos… and in it, she’d continue to avoid notice.

  I have to be crazy, she thought to herself as she lay down. Between Dad and the Word, avoiding BOTH is going to be a bitch… but if one is hunting the other and the other is trying to dodge the one, I’ll be fine… At least I have enough cash for three months, four if I scrimp. By then, off world passage should be doable.

Postal Service Sorting Area,

Housing Area of Phoenix Lancers Main Compound

2133hrs 09 December 3080

 The Postal Service of Centarus was still working even while the fighting was going on all over the world.

 Albeit they were doing so with reduced staff as some of their number were reservists but they were still working.  This night saw the pick ups from the night before that finally get processed for future delivery and it was during this process when the padded envelope for Major Farquharson was noted to have a tear that revealed the interior of the parcel. It needed to be either sealed up or repackaged before it would continue its way to its destination. So, the package was set aside for repacking. About an hour later, the tech assigned for such work arrived at her work station and started processing the handful of items here.  When she got to this piece, she looked a little closer at the names on the package prior to placing it in the new external bag for it.

  Mail Technician Connie West was a retired SecFor sergeant-major and despite being gone from active duty for a few years, had remained in the loop as most retired senior enlisted sorts (at least those who reached higher command ranks) did on important events, especially events that were not public knowledge or involved names of infamous residents. Infamous residents… like the name of an incarcerated Lancer family member. Such things tended to stick out for her, and this package’s return name stuck out.

 When she saw the name of said incarcerated Lancer Family member (who she knew was missing) as the return name on the parcel as well as who it was to, a mental lightbulb went off.  Looking into the envelope through the tear, she could see part of a map with markings.  Seeing this, her blood got cold; Connie knew she had something huge here… and that it needed to be acted on fast.  Lifting a phone off the desk next to her, she quick dialed a number from memory.  When the call was answered, she spoke. “Evening Sergeant Jenson, its Connie West over at Parcel Facility Five; who’s the duty officer for the Spooks?”

  After a few moments of listening, she continued. “Jenson, I know there is a war on, but I’ve got something pretty fucking important her-” She started to say when she was interrupted.  After another few seconds, she cut him off. “Hold Up… SERGEANT Jenson; You WILL shut up a hot second or I WILL come over there and my retired Sergeant Major boot will be tickling your fucking tonsils…”

 When she had his attention, she continued. “You will notify the Duty Intel Officer that there is an ITEM of CONCERN over at Parcel Sorting Facility Five and they might wanna bring a team. I think its THAT important…. I will be leaving the item alone until they get here and it will be under guard.….” After a few more moments of listening to Jenson respond, West finished. “Very good, Sergeant Jenson. I will be awaiting their arrival.”

 Hanging up, West reached into her lunch pail and drew out a pistol.  Placing it in her waistband, she next called her supervisor. “Joe,” She said when he answered the phone, “We got a problem over here; I already called Ops and they are sending a team….”  Connie listened to her supervisor talk for a few moments before answering. “One of the packages separated for repacking…. Is the item in question. Recognized something with the addresses and well… a closer exam tells me it’s a problem. Not a boom kind though.”

  A few seconds of silence from her as she listened to her supe. “No… no evacuation needed. But I will say shut down anything coming here. I’m sitting on this until they get here. And send Mikey; I can use a bit of backup I trust. I’m THAT worried…”

 She hung up a few seconds later.  While Connie trusted most of her fellow workers in this area, she was no fool.  Having another person here with her till the Intel idiots showed up would be a good thing in case there was a mole or fifth columnist here. And she wanted someone she *knew*.  If that map was what she thought it was and who sent it actually sent it… this was something big.

Very big…

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