notes on the results of some of these battles…

In case some folks are wondering, the results being reported in these battle stories where a side doesn’t fight it out…. are the results of this being a Campaign and a roleplay driven (in a fashion) narrative.

In this last battle, the Ice Eagles outnumbered Captain Leisey by four machines. In a battletech game, numbers can matter and unless the overage is super light machines, the side with the larger force usually wins the field.

the first game on this flank, alluded to in the Assessments chapter, the mech count differential mattered as did the BV difference- something like a three thousand difference.

In the latest battle, the BV was alot closer despite the mech counts… and engagement plans didn’t work out for the Ice Eagles as envisioned. My VERY competent opponent made a rare miscalculation in strategy and compounded it some with missing a tactical rescue he could have pulled to make it more of a game. If this had been a plain old game, we might have fought it out to the likely messy conclusion. But it’s not and we didn’t.

When it became pretty clear the door to salvaging a draw or win was closed, he did what any merc may have done against a known-to-be-honorable foe… and surrendered his command to preserve lives as there was NO getting anything out that could fight again in a quick turnaround fashion.

Some of these games have been one sided. Some have been knockdown/dragged out brawls where both sides are beaten bloody. A few have been a handful of turns before it was time to beat feet due to a trap (riposte 1) or it being a miscalculation from hell and retreat the best option (the first west side fight)

In ALL CASES, these games are fought for fun and the story. Any actions taken are always going to be with the RP aspects being at the forefront of how the games are being played. To not do so… cheapens the story being told in these tales. And no one here wants that.

Thanks for reading!

Author: John T

Warrior-Sage and full time healer. Gamer and Arm Chair Analyst (who isn't these days?) who isn't afraid to read up on what I don't know.

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