Notes for the Upcoming Story line

The upcoming story arc- “The Storm” is something of a grand effort, based upon the collection of figures I own as do friends for Battletech and other games.

The original Legends and Myths arc was all based around the premise of remnants of the Wolverines returning to the Inner Sphere and winding up in the area of my beleaguered Merc-Unit-with-House-Regiment feel.  And the adventures from there have made for some cool stories.  And over the course of 48 chapters, the bulk of their initial tales has been told- from the arrival in the Inner Sphere to battles to the acceptance of Ghost Bear to the rest… its been an interesting story to tell. I know my chief critic, my wife, has enjoyed the stories…  By the way, she wanted the dogs for her character here, after watching The Old Man. Who am I to argue? *grin*

Anyways, the stories have been fun to write and a challenge to translate battles to tales.

 Now comes this next piece.

One of the gaping holes in the canon Universe is a lack of tales in the Jihad/Post Jihad Era. Quite a bit of spot material for the 3090’s and later but imo, not really enough in the rest of the era or where non Big Names are concerned.  Add in how some of the WoB last gasps were kind of meh or glossed over (I get why; they are an excellent boogieman for Game Masters and the like)… I decided to expand the story to encompass some of these last ditch maneuvers of theirs.

 Given their spiteful nature, I hatched the idea that they would look to strike at anyone who had thwarted plans or was a giant pain in the ass to them, much like some of the shenanigans pulled in the Canon stories… Given the sheer amount of small merc commands in the Universe as a whole that signed on with them for the promise of Money, Tech or both… and the large collections of models myself and close friends have, the story allowed for a WoB hired collection of Mercs to hit the Lancers at home while the main WoB forces were inbound.

 It’s a last ditch sort of battle… and for the Wob Mercs, if they win, they have repair facilities and tech toys to maybe grab.  If they lose, well… the Lancers have a rep for treating prisoners fair.

On paper, it’s a substantial fight… and actually damn daunting to run this AND write.  But it makes for a lot of potentially fun games and opportunities to use stuff gathering dust on the shelves.  Add in that I plan on some non-battlemech battles using other systems (commando ops and the like), the potential for some excellent narrative is high.

As always, the contents of each side in a given battle is available. Just message me and I can tell you what each side fielded, specifics on models and what maps used.

 So without much further ado….  Legends and Myths 49- The Storm Rises

Author: John T

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