Legends and Myths- story so far

The story so far…

The Beginning of this series was a few snippets of battles against various raiders who were plaguing Centaurus during a Rebuilding time for the unit, post Jihad War, in late 3079. Some of its disjointed-ness was due to my not having a solid write up of Lancer history ironed out for this era. I’ve mostly fixed that…)

A lot of confusion was had over a raid by a non-WoB White Armored mech force.  After running into then-Major McCormack’s Dragoon Company, prisoners were taken and the questions over who these guys were began.

  A second battle added fuel to the mysteries surrounding the Potential Wolverine machines.  Making the decision to bait a mole, a trap was laid at a desert base for any takers.  And what was gotten was not expected.

  The Word of Blake attempted to go after the “prize” and as Lancer Armor was hitting them, a Wolverine Force arrived and combat dropped in.  After a short firefight with the Word, the Wolverine troops announced who they were and requested their folks back as well as Refuge.  They were the last survivors of that Not Named Clan that they knew of and had returned to the Inner Sphere in order to avoid dying out in space.

The Lancers took them in… but in doing so, it revealed the mole within their own ranks; family of one of the commanders in Alpha Mech Battalion.

The Wolverines full clan arrived, with all their Jumpships and over a half-dozen warships in various states of capability.  And the integration of the new-comers began.

Another Word-Sponsored raid happened; this was an attempt to kill as many of the Wolverine Civilians as possible.  It was thwarted by the Lancers former Duelist with some Wolverine assistance…

Meanwhile, the Ghost Bears, who have heard of their Return, get an eye-opener of a revelation from their Lore Master as to what may have ACTUALLY happened way back then.  And it forces a re-thinking of stances long held.  Ghost Bears don’t act rashly… this is fact.  But they also don’t like being played for Fools…  and what Nick Kerensky did way back in the day… Oh No.

The decision was made and the Bears send a detachment to Centaurus to both have a normal discussion and a Mech-related one with the Formerly Not Named.  Said discussions happen and it ends well for all sides… with potential for other meetings in the future.

The Snow Ravens also are told of what’s going on by Kabrinski (that would be that trip to the Communications Room after she made the decision….  See what I did there?) and their Khan, a pretty direct person, visits the Wolverines *in person* after doing her own research in Snow Raven Archives…. And getting a similar answer to the Ghost Bears in what was found.

And like the Bears, there would be no Snow Ravens hunting for Wolverine Pelts.

Not long after *THAT* meeting, a discusson on going back to Barbados is conducted.  Both for retrieval of Wolverine Remains and whatever salvage there may be after two centuries…. As well as a Warning Outpost for possible Clan Incursions.  After all, Barbados is on the Exodus Road… which could be used to end run the truce line.

So, a mixed Wolverine/Lancer force is put together and sent to that World… where operations are begun to set up a facility for long term residence.

  It was a week or so in when the Reborn Mongoose, a ploy by Cloud Cobra to both add allies to their side of things among the Home Clans and perhaps use as a cats-paw against the remaining Inner Sphere Clans.  That Wolverine had returned…  the chaos that created helped their efforts event more to make the new clan.  That Mongoose, being a new clan and not named as a signatory to any Truce document with any Inner Sphere power, could be used to go after the Tainted and enemies of the Clans in the Inner Sphere made their creation timely.

 So they were sent down the Exodus Road to perform that very feared End Run, with a two fold goal.  Go after the Wolverines, who could not be possibly all that powerful and punish enemies of The True Star League (aka the Clans).  Reinforcements would be sent eventually, as soon as situation stabilized in Home Space and the Mongoose Force established a location to base from.

The current battles being written about are fights actually being played on the tabletop.  A future story may be a Trial of Grievance between Loremaster Tseng and something/someone Clan Wolf as the ancient secrets are being revealed/long held beliefs are being blown up.  And that battle may involve Colonel McCormack when she is on that promised visit….   That story won’t get written for a while yet.

Author: John T

Warrior-Sage and full time healer. Gamer and Arm Chair Analyst (who isn't these days?) who isn't afraid to read up on what I don't know.

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