Dramatis Personae for Legends and Myths.

It is time to get some short background bios up for our various characters. There will be further updates to this list as more are introduced.

Colonel John Tinney– Overall Commander of the Lancers and Planetary Governor.  Capable Mechwarrior, he is a good Administrator and has been in command of the Lancers for over ten years.  In that time, he has refused the push to take the rank of General, stating that only the SLDF or House Militaries appoint Generals…  When he takes the field, he pilots a Refurbished Highlander.

Major Leslie McCormack– Commander of 1st Bn Alpha Company and commander of the Spirits, a subset of the Lancers responsible for Intelligence (ghosts) and Scalpel Direct Action (Spectres).  A military history enthusiast, she is something of an expert on SLDF history, equipment, and habits… like all the hidden facilities in various places found on Centaurus and elsewhere.  A Longtime friend with Rhonda Snord, the two used to compare notes on SLDF locations prior to the latter’s death in 3073.  The very logical thinking Major uses a modified Marauder II when in battle.

Major Sean Farquharson– Commander of 1st Bn Charlie Company, he was born on Northwind and has been a member of the Lancers for almost twenty-five years.  He was on Centaurus at the time of the Word Of Blake assault on 3069 and had led a portion of the Resistance that kept them busy until elements of the DCMS 3rd Pesht arrived along with the bulk of the off-world 1st Bn arrived to help kick them out.  A Soldier’s Soldier, the former Marine and now Mechwarrior is an accomplished pilot, piloting a Clantech-upgraded MAD-3M

Major DJ Hartman– Commander of 1st Bn Delta Company.  DJ is another of the long-time MechWarriors who found a home with the Lancers post Clan Invasion.  Crude at times and the occasional gambler, DJ rose through the ranks due to extensive experience fighting the Clans and, more recently, the Word of Blake; he was part of one of the companies that had been Off-World when the Occupation happened taking command when it’s OiC was killed.  Confident in his ability, he holds No Illusions that every battle could be his last… and if it is to be, then who ever takes him down is gonna have to work for it.  His battlemech is a heavily modified AS-7 Atlas

Captain Argyle D. McCoy­ – Commander of Direct Action Team Stiletto of the Lancer Spectre section of the Spirits, he is an unusual soldier in that he was a very talented Assassin prior to coming to the Lancers some twelve years ago.  Very Direct and Charming, McCoy possesses a distinctly warped sense of humor, which belies his quite bloody minded and brutal nature towards enemies of the Lancers- and Blakists in particular.  Loyal to Major McCormack, he is her personal attack dog for jobs that have to get done, no questions asked.

Trooper Cass Kymer– Team Stiletto Conscience, Cass is a capable troop, specializing in melee combat with her extendable baton.  She acts as the team conscious for direct action jobs, being one to ensure collateral damage is thought about during operations.

Trooper Syd Sidholm– Team Stiletto Heavy, the exuberant Sergeant is a large weapons expert who has a tendency to bite off more than he can handle easily.  Of the team, he is the only Mech Pilot in his four-man section.

Trooper Jake Gladu – Team Stiletto Electronics Expert, Trooper Gladu is the best on the team in defeating Electronic Systems  and penetration of networks.  Fond of Terran Heavy Metal music, the trooper often uses digital versions of the music to overwhelm opponent com-channels and prevent coherent transmissions.  He is also an accomplished VTOL pilot.

Trooper Jon Mercer– Trooper Mercer is what is known as a “Second Chancer” within the Lancers.  A Lancer Exile, He was allowed to return to the Command and volunteered to work with the Spectres as atonement for errors no one speaks of (even if pressed, no one will).  He tends to be quiet until its time for a mission and then he’s fully vested.  Each successful mission is one more step to rejoining (he thinks) the regular Lancer Armored Infantry units.

Colonel John Hollister– Commander of the initial Wolverine Detachment that landed on Centaurus, he is a fairly calm and even handed leader.  It was his idea to come to this system, based on various reports gleaned from captured data on this section of the Inner Sphere and a handful of SigInt gained during recon missions with the faction’s lone BugEye jumpship.  With their reception by the Lancer’s being as benign as it has been (with two exceptions), he is starting to believe the troubles of their Clan’s remains have been given a reprieve.  He pilots a refurbished Pulverizer.

Governor Diane Sodher-Schaller – A retired Regimental Duelist Mechwarrior, she is the civilian leadership for the Province/Continent of Sage, home to a number of farms and one of the known Outpost Castles on the planet.  Very even handed as a leader, it was her failing health that took her from the pilot’s seat to the governorship where she has poured her energy into being the best representative for her people she can be to the planetary council.  Her knowledge of agriculture and growing methods has benefited the area immensely.  Her last machine of record was a Battlemaster BLR-4S

Chief Engineer/ Deputy Governor Geoff Schaller – Just as his introduction indicated, Geoff is a retired Lancer Senior Technician and Engineer who retired from the Lancers to assist his wife with the governorship of Sage.  The internal refurbishment of the Outpost Castle was his “retirement” project until the Invasion and then his responsibility until elements of 3rd Pesht arrived to help push the Blakist Militia and their mercenary allies off world.  A good marksman, he considers himself to be a far better technician than soldier.

Trinity Farquharson/Adept Melton– Trinity is the older daughter of Major Farquharson.  She was recruited by agents of the Word of Blake during their brief occupation of Centaurus at the same time as her mother, who had divorced Sean while she was younger.  Trinity had remained a sleeper Agent for several years, hiding her mother-incited distaste for her father as part of her cover.  She only become more active about two years ago after a message from her mother, now a demi-precentor in the Word, indicated a need for information.  Her position within the Lancer Community was deemed important to maintain and it was earlier reports from her that led to a renewed interest in the Mercenaries…  at a most inopportune time for them.

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