The Adventures of a Fish out of Water

I’d been following a forum based on a What If… The US suffered an EMP Attack that crippled a portion of the country. Very interesting premise and I’ve discussed it with the author (a friend of mine) many a time as its been written/posted.

And over the course of the series of postings, i got inspired to write some stuff based upon it. Once piece, he planned on using and the rest… a simple story for entertainment personal and for himself. It initially fit the direction he was going but as his muse inspired him to write, the adventure serial I started no longer fit.

No matter…. but what has been written has entertained those I’ve read them to and well… at a suggestion about posting them, figured I would start.

The one piece I think he still plans on using. So I will post the rest over the next few days.

Background- The character in the “Final Days- The Drive for Harrisburg” stories is an old Vampire Larp Character named Jim Ganic. I used the story background I created for that character (former Navy Seal) in the writing of these stories and in ones I wrote a while back for the character. And they have been fun tales to write too. Nothing Supernatural in them- its all flavor and an exercise in character development as I created a protagonist for stories. The Supernatural-flavored stuff… may see the light of day at some point. Who knows… but for now, its all Jim as a mortal man in situations that are odd but no odder than anything one might find in Real Life or Hollywood.

Biting humor is a staple of how the character deals with stress for the most part… and this was set up in the original story I wrote for experience credit when he was a One World By Night character. So I will lead off with that…. and get to the rest of the tales not long after. No given timeline for these- they are set in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s (you know- its funny writing it like that. Oi.) Even have a potent Veterans Day Story… which will be posted around then.

Next post… will be from the Before Times titled Maneuvers Part 1.

Author: John T

Warrior-Sage and full time healer. Gamer and Arm Chair Analyst (who isn't these days?) who isn't afraid to read up on what I don't know.

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